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The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the traditional ways of functioning. It has caused significant disruptions across various industries and leading companies. One such industry that has been severely impacted is the events industry. Finding new ways to engage with future customers and connect with employees became challenging, independent of the size of the business.

Accelevents help brands and associations create authentic human connections and memorable experiences through the power of event technology. Our all-in-one virtual & hybrid events the platform empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to effectively reach their goals, build a loyal community, and ultimately drive growth.

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At Accelevents, our mission is to create better experiences through meaningful interactions. We are dedicated to helping Accelevents create engaging events where people can congregate safely and responsibly.

We are committed to creating a platform that fosters ingenuity, impact, inclusion, courage, community, integrity, and empathy.


Processing streams of data by
leveraging AWS services

When connecting large-scale Accelevents to the cloud, the biggest challenge was to process millions of data points a day. This stream of data from many devices needs to be processed to create the right insight to improve experience and performance.

We followed a microservice design, supported by streaming services and message queues for cloud performance under heavy loads. To handle data at this scale, we went with polyglot database design, where we used the best possible fit for a specific data/microservice type.


We used AWS Lambda functions to build all the micro-services. Each Microservice talks with each other, as well as mobile and web apps. Services are run over different containers with consistent configurations scalably. To handle extremely large volumes of data, we used a combination of SQL and NoSQL database architecture. We hosted SQL database on AWS RDS which takes care of database level operations like automated backup, creating replicas, etc. Along with RDS, AWS DynamoDB which is NoSQL database service provided by AWS was used to store and retrieve non-relational data.

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Deliver global events where your attendees are most comfortable- on their phones! Attendees now have access to your entire event environment from live keynote sessions and recordings, learning tracks, networking, and much more right in their pocket on the Accelevents mobile event app.

Whether used at an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event, the Accelevents mobile event app adds value to your conference, summit, orientation, or product launch.


Testing client side

At Brilworks, we care about testing! It adds to dependable, maintainable code and, in the long run, makes software easier to maintain, lowering total ownership costs.

Most of our competitors focus on testing their servers and APIs. But server-side testing is not enough. Since the platform has Javascript/Ajax-enabled, measuring performance from the server/API level is not enough. Even poorly written javascript code can majorly affect the performance of the app.


We used JMeter WebDriver Sampler with Selenium to test client-side performance. We create custom scripts for different use cases and create a threshold for various metrics. Jenkins was used to integrating tests to run tests with each new build...

Over 12,500 companies and organizations trust Accelevents with their events.


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