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Over the past decade, we’ve developed a flexible production process that enables us to deliver high-quality solutions on time, regardless of scale. Our experienced team offers a breadth of technical expertise to meet any client’s needs from finding the right talent to managing end-to-end projects.

Project Development

Our Process for End-to-end Project Development

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Team Extension

Our Process for Team Extension

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We’ll understand your project needs and goals to guide you from the project initiation to the release phase. Depending on your goals, we provide consultation and an end-to-end development plan.

We follow a rigorous process of requirement analysis in which we go through the business needs using various techniques. It includes end-to-end sessions with the client team and project team.

Idea Validation

Project Estimation

Technical Feasibility

Operational Feasibility

Legal Feasibility

After identifying the business needs and understanding the market, we develop the product with the help of our industry experts and create a minimum viable product to verify its usability.

Technology selection

Basic features

Performance features

When planning your product, we ensure that user experience is at the core of our development. Our best practices have led to a flow of product development that enriches user experience.

Design brief

User persona

User journey


We work together to ensure the delivery of the product is on time while ensuring that all the intended features are in place. We ensure the delivery of a stable build before a launch. Internal demos ensure that we are ready for testing prior to any release.

Gantt chart

RACI matrix

Project roadmap Back

Daily standups

Backlog estimation

Sprint retrospectives


Our quality assurance team supports our developers by testing the product in various environments and scenarios. Our testing experts test across all the product requirements through both automated and manual approaches. We ensure that the entire product is properly tested before going to market.

Usability testing

Functionality testing

Compatibility testing

Performance testing

Penetration testing

When the software is ready for release, we orchestrate the build from sprint to the staging server. This allows us to test the product in a live environment thereby removing any risk of failure. Once everyone is satisfied, we take the product live.

Setting up servers

Building CI/CD pipeline

Tests at staging server

Preparing & implementing a deployment plan

Maintenance keeps the application running smoothly by providing 24x7x365 days support for complete peace of mind. It’s the best way to ensure that your new app is up-to-date and secure, which means users will continue to love it.

Corrective software maintenance

Preventive software maintenance

Perfective software maintenance

Adaptive software maintenance



Whether you want to add a member to your existing team or build an entire SCRUM team from scratch, We’ll handle all the search, interviewing and vetting to help you find the right team members.


Phase I begins with sorting, filtering, and assessing candidates against our stringent criteria. This helps us to determine the best candidates for each role.

We test each candidate’s language proficiency through a series of assessments to understand their speaking, writing, and collaboration skills.

Each candidate is given a timed aptitude test to help assess their decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. These tests help us determine if they have the skills you are looking for. We also use this test as an indicator of how well they will fit into your company culture.

We conduct rigorous skill review tests to review your technical capabilities and professional knowledge

The final matchmaking process to connect you with the right talent for your business. Our mission is to keep your project on track by providing you with the skills and talent you need.



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