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Brilworks Receives Prestigious Title of Fintech Application Developers of the Year 2023

Hitesh Umaletiya
Hitesh Umaletiya
October 17, 2023
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Brilworks is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the "Fintech Application Developers of the Year 2023" in the Wealth & Finance Fintech Awards.

The program is conducted by Wealth & Finance, an independent market intelligence platform that recognizes excellence and innovation in the financial technology sector by awarding top companies that have significantly contributed to transforming the fintech industry through innovative digital solutions.

Brilworks has earned this title by delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge financial technology products that aim to streamline the complexities involved in the FinTech sector's operations. The company takes pride in offering excellent service to businesses globally, which is the driving force behind winning this prestigious title.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious title from Wealth & Finance," said Hitesh Umaletiya, CEO of Brilworks. This award acknowledges our team’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet our clients' needs but also contribute to the advancement of the fintech industry.

"Our goal is to address the growing demand for technology-based solutions using modern technology to provide innovative solutions as more customers and financial institutions move away from traditional methods, enhancing productivity and efficiency in business," he further added.

The award further recognizes the company’s ability to develop innovative solutions that drive efficiency across several domains in fintech, streamline financial processes, and cater to the evolving needs of clients. The company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and its focus on client-oriented solutions have paved the way for winning this title.

About Brilworks:

Brilworks is an Ahmedabad-based software development company known for creating innovative and cost-effective technology solutions for various industries, including fintech. With a team of skilled experts and a commitment to technological advancement, Brilworks aims to revolutionize the fintech industry.

Brilworks stands as an organization that embraces a tech-first approach by integrating modern technologies to best serve its clients and streamline their business problems.

Hitesh Umaletiya

Hitesh Umaletiya

Co-founder of Brilworks. As technology futurists, we love helping startups turn their ideas into reality. Our expertise spans startups to SMEs, and we're dedicated to their success.

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