Problem Statement

To enhance the rideshare experience through technology and entertainment that connects riders and drivers.

Goal & Metrics

To create a professional, trustworthy, and friendly user experience by identifying the demographics of the person looking at the tablet screen and then deliver personalized content/games along with advertisements.


VUGO Platform

The rideshare industry is growing by leaps in bounds. In 2015, only 15 percent of American adults had used rideshare services. That grew to 36 percent in 2018, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

To meet the user's expectation and the client's needs, we've offered a variety of design wireframes as well as a database structure for them to understand. Following clearance, the teams began development with effective communication and reporting.

Front-end and Back-end developers' team collaboration was very important in this project.

Key Benefits:

  • Advertise Anywhere in your city
  • Easily Choose a Budget that works for you
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Ad Bot/Fraud Prevention
  • Full/High Viewability
  • Monthly Analytics Reports
  • Precise impression data

Processing streams of data


Testing client side

At Brilworks, we care about testing! It adds to dependable, maintainable code and, in the long run, makes software easier to maintain, lowering total ownership costs.

Most of our competitors focus on testing their servers and APIs. But server-side testing is not enough. Since the platform has Javascript/Ajax-enabled, measuring performance from the server/API level is not enough. Even poorly written javascript code can majorly affect the performance of the app.


We used JMeter WebDriver Sampler with Selenium to test client-side performance. We create custom scripts for different use cases and create a threshold for various metrics. Jenkins was used to integrate tests to run tests with each new build.

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Client’s Words


"Brilworks software is strong in Java stack and provided very good quality of code. Communication was at a very good level as well. The project wasn't too easy, but the Brilworks team managed to tackle all the tech, analytics, and communication parts. We will definitely ask Brilworks team to join our projects in future."

Eugene Kurdzesau

CTO and Co-Founder @VUGO

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