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How to Choose the Right AWS Consulting Partners? And What Factors to Consider

Vikas Singh
Vikas Singh
May 17, 2024
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How to Choose the Right AWS Consulting Partners

When you choose the right AWS consulting partner, you can maximize your AWS investment. These consultants can assist you with migrations, develop tailored solutions to reduce AWS cloud costs and address technical issues.

AWS platform provides innovative services and tools. However, navigating this complex platform can be overwhelming. That's where a reliable partner comes in, offering a guiding hand from setting up your cloud ecosystem to addressing cloud issues and optimizing operations. This partnership can provide a sense of relief. 

These consultants offer numerous benefits by bringing external knowledge and expertise to address your business challenges. However, finding the right consultant is not as easy as it seems.

Read this guide to learn how to choose the right AWS consulting partner. Discover how they can benefit your business, the steps to identify the right partner, and common pitfalls to avoid. 

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5 ways a right consulting partner can help grow your business

The AWS ecosystem can be daunting, and when your internal strategy falls short, hiring an AWS consultant can be an excellent move. They collaborate with businesses of all sizes—from startups to industry leaders—on specific projects or developing strategies to enhance cloud operations.

 An AWS-certified company provides consultants specialized in many areas. They can work on different aspects of your company, including: 

  •  Cloud strategy and planning
  •  AWS cloud migration
  •  Cloud architecture design
  •  Maintenance and support
  •  Cost optimization
  •  DevOps automation
  •  Serverless architecture design
  •  Big data and analytics solutions
  •  Cost management tools and practices
  •  Expanding digital marketing

Cloud Strategy and Planning

A cloud strategy outlines how your company will leverage the cloud platform. Your AWS consulting partner will help you decide on tools and services and define best practices for cloud adoption.

They may suggest different cloud deployment models—public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud—that are best suited to your needs.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can be tedious. Small businesses often encounter several challenges when migrating to the AWS cloud. A consulting agency can help you with the entire process, from migration to training your staff on AWS services.

Cost Optimization

AWS offers a wide range of services, and it can be easy to overspend if you're not careful. AWS consultants can analyze your cloud usage and recommend ways to optimize your costs. This might involve using more cost-effective services or rightsizing your resources.

Consultants can audit your existing cloud infrastructure and identify optimization opportunities to reduce your cloud expenses. Major businesses hire AWS consultants for AWS cloud cost optimization. In addition, they can work on general improvements and suggest more suitable tools and services to maximize profitability. 

Maintenance and support

AWS consultants can set up monitoring tools like Amazon CloudWatch to monitor your cloud infrastructure's health. They can also help establish automated maintenance routines, such as security patching and software updates.  

Troubleshooting and Incident Resolution

When problems arise, AWS consultants can leverage their expertise to diagnose the cause and implement solutions quickly. This minimizes downtime and keeps your business operations running smoothly.

what everything you need to know about AWS consulting

How to Choose a Right AWS Consulting Partner for Your Business

This phase involves knowing your goals and your budget. On average, an AWS consultant charges between $25 and $100 or more. Rates can vary due to different factors, including the expertise and location of your potential partner. 

If the vendor meets the criteria below, it's a green sign for you to proceed. 

Expertise and experience

When evaluating a potential AWS consulting partner, it's crucial to consider their expertise and experience. You can evaluate their expertise by checking their certifications. This emphasis on their qualifications can instill confidence in their capabilities to address your cloud issues. 

Ask them for their previous work, client testimonials, and case studies to find out how they helped their previous clients. This will showcase their expertise and experience. 


Review their services to ensure they offer what you need. These may include migrations, strategy planning, maintenance, development, staff training, and more.

Discovery call

Furthermore, you may provide them with hypothetical situations to test their knowledge and see if they can do your challenging work. This personal conversation can save you time and help you understand their working culture and company standards. 

Shortlist some questions during the interaction session. This will help you understand their working style, industry knowledge, experience, etc. 

Pricing and engagement model

Pricing depends on several factors, the major one being your consultant's location. If you choose your partner from a different region, ensure that their team can work in your time zone.

You may want a dedicated expert on an hourly basis, or you may want someone working in your team who has a flexible pricing model, such as perhour billing or fixed price.

Factors to Consider when Choosing AWS Cloud Partner

AWS partner network (or APN) is a destination where you can find accredited consultants. It is a network of over 100k+ AWS-certified companies to provide.

Consider the following points when choosing an AWS consultant. 

1. APN Certification

Ensure your partner has an official APN consulting partner certification. This guarantees expertise in the latest AWS technologies and a commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions. Our team at Brilworks holds APN certification. 

2. Relevant Experience

 Evaluate their experience in areas critical to your project, such as security, migration, or data analytics. Look for a partner with a proven track record in your industry.

3. Technical Skills

Assess their technical background, including proficiency in AWS services, programming languages, and cloud best practices. 

What to Avoid when Choosing an AWS Consultant 

1. Unclear Objectives

Clearly define your goals with your partner to avoid misunderstandings and project failure.

2. Price-Driven Decisions

Don't solely focus on price.  Look for a partner who offers value beyond the initial cost.

3. Ignoring Expertise

Choose a partner with a proven track record and relevant experience for your specific needs. Don't settle for a partner without the necessary skills.

Choosing the right AWS partner should not be rushed. Thoroughly evaluating potential partners can ensure a match with your business needs, providing a sense of security in your decision-making process.

Why Choose Brilworks as Your Next AWS Consultant

We are a proud AWS partner, boasting a certified team handling complex AWS operations and expertise to guide you on your cloud journey, from the alpha stage to deployment, innovating solutions. 

Here are some reasons why Brilworks might be a good choice for your next AWS consultant based on their website:

Expertise across multiple AWS services: We offer AWS services, including development, deployment, migration, and optimization. We can help you with various aspects of your cloud journey, from setting up your initial infrastructure to optimizing your existing applications.

Experience in application development and migration: Our team has experience building and modernizing applications on AWS,  which could be beneficial if you're looking to migrate legacy applications to the cloud or develop new cloud-based applications. 

Focus on understanding your needs:  We understand your application needs and business and suggest a tailored approach. 

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Finding the "right" AWS consultant can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to confidently evaluate your potential partner and ensure their expertise aligns with your specific cloud goals. 

If you are looking for a reliable AWS consultant as a certified AWS partner, we are here to help you by providing top-rated AWS experts who have helped over 50+ businesses, from migration to deploying innovative solutions and creating effective strategies to cut down cloud expenses.  , 

Our AWS specialists will discuss your unique needs and answer any questions you may have. This no-obligation consultation lets you see firsthand how our expertise can help you. 

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